Welcome to Water Mill Gardens 2016

Dan & Jane (click to enlarge)Hello again to all of our daylily friends and garden visitors. Last year was a year of many highs and some lows. Distribution of our plants were at an all-time high. The lows came from the use of a fungicide spray in the greenhouse during a very hot period that caused almost total bud drop of  most of our potential pollen and pod parents. We had to change plans, and ended up with a slightly smaller seed crop than planned. We did make many of the planned crosses, but perhaps too late for us to see bloom next year. We also had a very early unusual bloom season this past year with much lower bud counts in general, and we expect you to have higher bud counts than we listed for this year's introductions.

Last year we sold out  quickly of such cultivars as HAPPY TEETH, CIRCLE IN THE STORM and RACING TIME. This year we again have quite limited numbers for most of this year's offerings. We would rather get our plants out to hybridizing friends a year early rather than wait another year or two for introduction. This year we're introducing another TETRA ROSE KENNEDY offspring (KEY LIME PIRATE) and our first from our exciting conversion of TETRA EMERALD STARBURST, (GREEN EMPRESS.)  Our palate continues to be varied with offerings in most forms and colors, including the best tetraploid double we have seen to date, CREAM AND SUGAR.

Despite the fact that we treat our venture as a hobby business with the main intent to get as much new genetics out to our hybridizing friends in as short a period as possible we have been around long enough to have some of our efforts recognized by the American Hemerocallis Society. To date we have been awarded  87 Honorable Mentions, 10 Award of Merits, 3 Don C. Stevens Awards,  2 Georgia Double Awards, 1 Lennington All American Award, 2 Annie T. Giles Awards, 1 Don Fisher Memorial Award, 2 Harris Olson Spider Awards, 1 Ned Roberts Spider Award, 1l Florida Sunshine Cup Award, 1 Lambert/Webster Award, 2 Early Season Bloom Awards, and a Bertrand Farr Award. Longevity has its rewards and we are most grateful for this recognition from our American Hemerocallis Society and would like to thank all of those who helped us along the way.

We believe our plants will look as good in your garden as they are pictured in our catalog as we do not enhance colors in order to increase sales, and we try not to publish unrepresentative “glamor shots.” We try to show images that are of typical good blooms as they should oftentimes appear in your garden. We've learned and especially this year relearned that patterned daylilies vary not just from early to late in the season, but from year to year. Many previous keeper patterned seedlings were tossed this year for this reason. Regarding bud count, Jane and I actually go out into the garden and count the buds and branches on several typical scapes and then average to be as accurate as possible. Again, we consider ourselves to be much more of a hybridizing venture rather than a commercial venture, and we try to get as much new genetic material out to you as soon as we can. We are faithful to our reservations list, but expect either payment or a conformation contact prior to March 1st.

Dan & Jane